We offer toxicology services required for development of Agrochemicals.

  • Acute Toxicity Studies (Six Pack)
    • Acute oral toxicity study in Rats
    • Acute Oral Toxicity Study in Mice
    • Acute Dermal Toxicity in Rats
    • Acute Eye Irritation Study in Rabbits
    • Acute Skin Irritation Study in Rabbits
    • Acute Inhalation Study in Rats

  • Guinea Pig Maximization Test (GPMT) / Buhler SensitizationTest.
  • Sub-acute (28-Day) Toxicity Study in Rodents and Non-Rodents.
  • Sub-chronic (90-Day) Toxicity Studies in Rodents.
  • Chronic (180-Day) Toxicity Studies in Rodents.
  • Genetic toxicology studies (Ames Assay; Micronucleus Test and Chromosomal Aberration Test).
  • Reproductive Toxicity Studies including Male and Female Fertility Study; Developmental Toxicity /Teratology studies in rats and rabbits.

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