Biopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology are becoming increasingly importantas novel and less toxic therapeutics for human disease. Many of these products, including Therapeutic Proteins, Vaccines, cell-based and stem cell therapies, also need to generate preclinical informationsuch as Efficacy and safety assessment.In vitro and in vivo bioassays helps inpredicting the biological effects in humans.

PRADO supports conducting bioassays in relevant animal models. PRADO also offers extensive testing services customized as per sponsor’s specific requirements for biotechnology product development.

  • Preclinical in vivo efficacy models/ Bioassays.
  • Acute and repeat dose toxicity studies in rodents and non-rodents.
  • Studies to predict immunotoxicity.
  • Genetic toxicity studies.
  • Pathological evaluations including Immunohistochemistry.

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