The goal of testing medical devices is to determine the safety or biocompatibility of the device in a biological environment. Evaluation of medical device for its potential to cause harmful / Toxic effects is crucial step. PRADO can design a study that is specific to determine the ability of a medical device to perform with an appropriate host response in a given application.

PRADO offers Following Biocompatibility tests Services for medical device development:

  • Cytotoxicity Tests.
  • Device implantation in various sites.
  • Evaluation of Irritation potential at various sites.
  • Evaluation of allergic or sensitization potential.
  • Hemocompatibility testing.
  • Genetic Toxicity testing.
  • Phototoxicity testing.
  • Systemic Acute, subacute, sub-chronic and chronic toxicity studies.
  • Reproductive toxicity testing.

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