What are Biology Services?

The use of animals as experimental models for human diseases is an imperative in understanding the causes, biology, and prevention of diseases. These models tend to mimic a disease process or pathological condition corresponding to the human disease scenario. Thus, animal models are used to study human diseases and play a crucial role in scientific research, discovery and development of drugs, vaccines, and other biologicals to enhance and promote human health.

At PRADO we have developed and standardized following models:

Inflammation and Pain Models

1. Arthritis induction using collagen
2. Colitis induction using DSS or acetic acid
3. Psoriasis-like skin disease
4. Excision wound healing model
5. Osteoarthritis induction
6. Carrageenan induced paw oedema
7. Mechanical, thermal, and cold Hyperalgesia using Complete Freund’s Adjuvant (CFA)
8. Neuropathic pain using Paclitaxel
9. L-5 & L-6 spinal nerve ligation (SNL)
10. Partial Sciatic Nerve ligation (pSNL)

Antipsychotic Activity Models

1. Novel object recognition test
2. Psychosis and social interaction deficit
3. Disruption of Conditioned Avoidance Response (CAR)
4. Restoration of pre-pulse inhibition (PPI)
5. Neurobehavioral assays

Metabolic Disorders Models

1. STZ induced Diabetes, Diabetic neuropathy
2. Hypothyroidism in rodents
3. Acute and Chronic kidney diseases

Osteoporosis Models

1. Ovariectomy induced osteoporosis
2. Thyroxine or Ethanol induced osteoporosis
3. Hypercalcemia using Retinoic acid

Safety Pharmacology Models

1. Rota rod test and Grip strength test
2. Tail flick test, Hot plate test
3. Noninvasive (tail cuff) blood pressure recording

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