What are Genotoxicity and Biocompatibility Services?

Spurring innovation to develop safer, more effective devices and implants that address unmet needs, is also about improving patient safety. Speeding up the development of medical devices/ implants has a great number of potential benefits, however it is important to protect and promote the public health by minimizing unnecessary risks at all stages of a device’s development. Thus  Toxicological testing plays very important role in accelerating discovery and development of medical devices.

The interaction between a medical device and the tissues and physiological systems of the patient treated with the device. PRADO conducts evaluation of biocompatibility by using following tests;

1. Cytotoxicity Assays
2. Hemocompatibility
3. Implantation Tests
4. Sensitization Assays

5. Irritation tests
6. Systemic toxicity tests
7. Histopathology services

Appropriate toxicological risk assessment and state of the art risk benefit analysis must be carried out by qualified personnel. PRADO will provide quality data, reduce your time to market in a cost-effective manner.

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