What are Pathology Services?

Despite all sophisticated analytical methods – seeing alone is believing. Most Important results are hidden in organs, tissues and fluids of test animals. The aim of pathology is to extract these results. Histopathological assessment of tissue sections is an important component of preclinical studies which are conducted to support the safety and clinical development of novel therapeutic agents for use in the treatment of human diseases. Histopathology specimens and slides are sources of information and discovery for future research.

At PRADO we provide independent pathology services, which includes

1. Necropsy and Gross Pathology
2. Histopathology slide preparation and evaluation
3. Hematoxylin and Eosin (H &E) Staining and Special Stainings (as per requirement)
4. Immunohistochemistry

5. Clinical Pathology including
6. Hematology, Clinical Chemistry
7. Urinalysis

Breeding and supply of Laboratory Animals

It is obvious that laboratory animals play a crucial role in scientific research in a substantive manner and improve the lives of people and other useful animals. For scientific, ethical and economic reasons, experiments involving animals should be appropriately designed, correctly analysed and transparently reported. The animal research facility (ARF) breed and supply quality rodents and rabbits for in-house as well as for trade purpose.

Supporting the needs of medical and veterinary research by the ethical production and supply of high-quality laboratory animals. PRADO supplies following animal breeds;

• Rats- Sprague Dawley
• Mice- Swiss albino
• Rabbits- New Zealand White

PRADO can extend breeding of laboratory animals as per sponsor’s requirement;however sponsor need to pick up decided animals as per the agreement regularly.

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